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Whitechapel Blossoms:
The Ballad of Leather Apron
Dramatis Personae:

Karl Marx: A Philosopher
Leather Apron: A Murderer
Sir William Gull: Her Majesty, Queen Victoria's Physician
Doktor Tortur, Surgeon and Aesthete
Gudrun Ensslin: Leader of Baader-Meinhof
The Order of the Silver Twilight
The Grey Travellers in Time
The Long Ones
The Walkers Between the Stars


“In the blackest year of 1888, in the cold and drab Autumn of the dirty and soot-ridden city of London, a consortium of British and Continental Secret Societies called the Order of the Silver Twilight, makes the fateful decision to open a gate to the spaces between the stars; the place where only the Elder Gods and Great Ancient Ones may travel with impunity. Tales of this strange Gate, called the Arcanum have drifted down the centuries through the magical grimoires and visionary tracts of the insane and twisted individuals who follow the path of the Final Twilight; the end of Humanity in a freezing lunar snow of deadly poison from the stars.  In order to open this gate, they will need to shed lifeforce contained in the physical medium of blood.  To that end, they create a perfect series of crimes in the mind of an unstable and suggestible individual, who acts on their foul plot with aplomb and vigor. History will know him as “Jack the Ripper.”

Part the First